Yuriko Takagi (高城 百合子 Takagi Yuriko) is the mother of Saya who appears in both the manga and the anime.
Says's mum 2

Personal Statistics:Edit

  • Name: Yuriko Takagi
  • Age: Unknown (possibly late 30's to early 40's)
  • Hair: Purple
  • Eyes: purple
  • Status: Unknown


Before the outbreak Yuriko was a police officer. She met her husband at an unknown date and 17 years ago she gave birth to her only child Saya.

Plot SypnosisEdit

{to be done}

Random Facts/TriviaEdit

  • Kohta looks up to Yuriko because of her skills with guns
  • Her knowledge of guns is only explained in the anime as she was a police officer
  • She wears a red dress in the anime

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