Toshimi Niki
Age 16-18
Weapon Unknown
Fate Deceased
Appearances ACT 1: Spring Of The Dead.

Toshimi Niki was Misuzu Ichijou's best friend.


In the anime Toshimi isn't mentioned until it shows her and Misuzu running together saying "We will survive we are BFFS" when suddenly she stops and looks down to the stair case. One of "them" grabbed her foot, Automatically it pushed her down and is biting her neck. She is still holding onto Misuzu crying "Help me!" Misuzu then shows her true colours and responds "Let go! God Dammit Let go Bitch!" Then kicks her head making her fall down the stairs into the herd of zombies.


She and Misuzu were running, When they both fall down the stairs into a herd of zombies into their death.


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