Spring of The Dead is the name of the first episode of the High School of The Dead
anime TV series.

Episode SypnosisEdit

The episode opens up with Hisashi explaining that he stayed up the night before the outbreak. The scene then changes to Takashi, Rei and Hisashi on the rooftop fightning off many of the living dead. The trio make it to the stairs and Rei stabs one of "them" even though Takashi warned her not to, the creature then grabs her weapon and slams her against the wall but before it could get her Hisashi killed it with Takashi's bat. Hisashi helps Rei up the stairs as Takashi looks back at the carnage in front of him and asks what had caused this as the opening credits begin to play. The episode then goes back to a few hours before as Takashi is remembering the promise that Rei made about marrying him before remembering his arguemtn with Rei about her having to repeat the year and also expresses his feelings about her "breaking" that promise, which Saya claims that he in stupid for holding onto a childhood promise. Takagi also expresses her intellegence and if that Takashi doesn't start to pay attention more he'd end up repeating a grade. Saya then becomes frustrated as Takashi ignores her and walks off. All of a sudden there is a commotion at the gate, as Hayashi Kyoko, Tejima and the other P.E teachers go to investigate. A strange looking man bangs against the gates, Tejima becomes irratated and begins to smash the man into the gate until he is bitten in the arm. The teacher then screams and falls back and dies as he crashes to the ground. All of the sudden he begins to move and Hayashi goies to help him before being bitten herself. Takashi witnesses the sight and runs back to warn his classmates of the whats going on. He rushes into the classroom and tells Rei that she is in danger and needs to come with him, Rei however fights back, Komura then explains what he had just seen to her and Hisashi while Takagi and Hirano listen in. Rei pushes herself out of Komuro's grasp saying that he is just doing this on purpose before being slapped by him. The three then leave the classroom and find some weapons, Hisashi declines the offer to have one claiming that he is a black belt in martial arts while Takashi grabs a baseball bat and Rei a pole. Rei decides to ring her dad as he should know whats going on as he is a police officer, but too Rei's horror, the phonecall cannot go through as too many people are calling the police. A voice then goes through the microphones telling everyone that there are attacks going on within the school before being attacked himself. Both students and Teachers listen to his blood curdled screams, both Hirano and Takagi sneek out of the classroom before the whole school goes into a mass panic. The halls become a scene of chaos as everyone tries to escape. the trio then decide to escape through the management building as it is far too crowded in the halls. The three are then confronted by their living dead teacher who attacks Rei. Rei however manages the situation and fights back, stabbing the creature but to her horror it keeps continuing to attack her. Hisashi steps in though and garbs the creature before it turns its head and bites him in the arm. Rei struggles with the creature but it eventually stops as Takashi smashes its head in with his bat. The three make it to the roof but are shocked to see that the city is in chaos. All of a sudden a few Black Hawks fly above them towards the now burning city. Hisashi then tells his companions that they are not here to save them and that they have to protect themselves. the scene then changes to inside the building as Toshimi and Misuzu try to escape, the two friends promise to be togather just before Toshimi is grabbed and is pulled down the staires. Toshimi, still clasping Misuzu's hand, begs her to help her but to her horror Misuzu shouts at her to let go before kicking Toshimi down the staires to her death, but unknowingly to her the undead had gathered around her before proceeding to kill her. The scene changes yet again to a teacher who has now gone mad who then commits suicide by jumping out of the window, Saeko is then shown drawing her wooden sword out before confronting "them". Hisashi then comments that they cannot call the creatures the Undead or zombies as this is not a movie or a video game and proceeds to call the creatures "them". The three of them then proceed to the observatory and goes back to the beginning scenes of the episode. After barracading the staires, Hisashi becoems seriously ill and starts to cough up blood while Rei tries to comfort and help her boyfriend. Both Takashi and Hisashi relaise that like the movies, if you are bitten you become one of them. Hisashi then asks Komuro to throw him off the roof so that he will die and not become one of "them" and hurt him and Rei. Rei is horrified by this and tries to talk Hisashi out of it before he begins to cough violently and dies. Hisashi then begins to rise as one of "them", taksshi then tells Rei to move away from him but she refuses but stops as "Hisashi" stands up. Takashi then pushes Rei out of the way before killing "Hisashi". After the credits roll Rei and Takashi are seen talking with Hisashi's body now covered up. Rei has a mental breakdown, insulting Takashi before claiming that she wanted to become one of "them". Takashi tells her that hisashi wouldn't have wanted that but then Rei goes even furthur claiming that Takashi killed Hisashi on purpose because he was jealous of him, hisashi then goes to leave claiming that he is just being a bother to her. Rei then completly breaks down and begs for Takashi to stay with her and that she was sorry for all the nasty things she said to him. He then turns around and hugs Rei, The girl he has liked for many years. The view then pans to the city as the episode ends.

Characters (in order of appearence)Edit

  • Takashi Komuro
  • Rei Miyamoto
  • Hisashi Igo
  • Saya Takagi
  • Hayashi Kyoko
  • Tejima
  • Various other teachers
  • Kohta Hirano
  • Saeko Busujima
  • Marikawa Shizuka
  • Ichijou Misuzu
  • Nikki Toshimi

Differences from the mangaEdit

  • Misuzu's and Toshimi's hair colours were swapped around
  • Morita, Takashi's best friend didn't make an appearence
  • Imamuru, another of Takashi's friends did not make an appearences and his death scene was not shown
  • Misuzu's and Toshimi's "them" versions were not shown
  • The whole Scene with Saya and Takashi was not in the manga, instead it was Morita and Takashi talking.
  • In the manga Misuzu's and Toshimi's deaths were at the beginning but the scene is nearer the end in the anime.


  • The music at the end of the episode is a mix of the 28 Days Later theme tune "out the house in a heartbeat"

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