Saya Takagi
Saya 2
Age 16-18
Gender Female
Weapon Smarts
Fate Alive
Appearances ACT 1-ACT 7

Saya Takagi (高城沙耶, Takagi Saya) is a primary protagonist of the series.  Saya is a student at Fujimi Highschool and is said to be the most intellegent among the main group of survivors.


Saya seems to be arrogant and nasty at first but begins to show a caring, but self-concious side to her. Saya hates people addressing her with her last name and wishes people would look into her eyes when they are talking to her. Takagi also has a caring, motherly side to her, often caring for Alice and also defending her innocence. She may also harbor feelings for Takashi.


In the anime, Takagi was mentioned in the first episode. When she came to talk to Takashi on the stairs, she was calling him stupid, thinking "If I call you stupid, you would think that you're stupid. Making you try to be less stupid, Stupid." When the principal was on the speakers she was in class. She then met up with her classmate and they ended up getting weapons.

Manga SypnosisEdit

coming soon!


  • she is the fourth on Morita's report
  • she wears contacts but changes back to her glasses in chapter 2, much to Kohta's suprise
  • she has worn the most outfits out of all the characters
  • she's 5"0 in height (155 cm)
  • Her sizes are B:92 H:59 W:87.
  • she states that she loves being good at everything but doesn't want to be good at everything
  • She is classed as a Wizard for her high intellegence
  • Her Fighting level is 1

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