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 Rei Miyamoto is a 17 year old young lady who is a classmate and childhood friend of Takashi.


She is headstrong and reliable, Rei has proven to be a skilled combatant and strong asset to the group. Rei can be easily jealous though, especielly of Saeko's and Takashi's relationship. Even though she went out with Hisashi she seems to harbor strong feelings for Takashi.

Before OutbreakEdit

Rei and Takashi were very close childhood friend and when they were young Rei pinky swore that she'll marry him someday. Unknown to her Takashi put this to heart and got the idea that she only belonged to him. But because of the later years of distance from her, Rei started to date Hisashi instead. It is also revealed that she is the same age as Saeko and was kept back a grade by Shido. She was in her school's lancing club before the outbreak happened so she is very skilled with weapons such as poles.


At the start of this series, Rei is in a relationship with Hisashi and has seemingly given up on hopes of being with Takashi. When the zombie apocalypse breaks out, she escapes to the rooftop of their school with Hisashi and Takashi. On the way, she is attacked by a teacher and both guys try to help her, but Hisashi is bitten as a result. At the rooftop, Hisashi dies and turns into one of "them'. Despite Rei's pleas, Takashi kills Hisashi. She blames Takashi for killing Hisashi and says that he must have liked to do so because she thought Takashi would hate Hisashi since he was her boyfriend. After hearing such a statement, Takashi attempts to leave their barricade and go fight some zombies. Only until Rei implores Takashi not to go and tells him that she wants him to stay with her, Takashi changes his mind, embracing Rei in an intimate hug which seemingly rekindled their friendship/relationship. After the events on the rooftop, Rei and Takashi meets up with Saya, Kohta Hirano, Shizuka, and Saeko.

Later they gather at a faculty room and plan their escape from the school. Deciding to take the school bus, the group heads toward the bus, encountering some survivors on the way and rescuing them, but they later died. After they boarded the bus, Rei spots Shidou and some of his students running to their bus. She begs Shizuka and Takashi to go now, but they refuse and let Shidou and his students on. This leads to Rei becoming very displeased and she tells Takashi he will regret his decision. Now with her nemesis on the bus, Rei hastily leaves the bus with a trailing Takashi because she can't stand Shido's self-promoting speeches. After the two leave the bus, another bus crashes around them, forcing them into a tunnel to avoid the flaming wreckage. As the wreckage burns, they manage to arrange a meeting place with Saeko at the East Police Station. After walking a short distance, they encounter a zombie with a motorcycle helmet. As the zombie attacks Takashi, Rei saves him in time by striking the zombie on the head with a cement block. They later find the zombie's motorcycle and ride off in the night to get to their meeting place.

As they ride on in the night, they come across a crashed police car and salvages a pistol and some bullets. This proves to be useful later on. Later, they go to a gas station, only to find that it is self-serve and requires money to operate. Since Takashi has no money, he asks Rei if she has any, leading her to call him "the worst" which they argue about and increase tensions. Since they both realize that they don't have any cash, Takashi goes inside the store and breaks apart the cashier taking some cash, until he hears Rei scream. When he comes back, he finds Rei being held hostage by a big gangster wannabe. The man threatens to kill Rei and rape her which encites Rei to tell Takashi to rescue her, but after some useless negotiation, Takashi pulls out his gun and shoots the guy. Rei is saved and is about to punish the guy, until Takashi stops her and tells her that they have no time to deal with such scum and she notices how that the gunshot sounds attracted dozens of zombies. Later they continue to ride toward their destination.

(Anime) *Edit

After finding out that various bridges to their destination were blocked, they try to go find other alternatives, but only hear some fighting sounds.They locate a ramp, and use it to jump a distance. When they arrive, they find the entire gang had left the bus and ditched Shidou and his students on it. They later break out into the fighting and subdue all their opponents. Shizuka proposes a location to stay the night, at her friends house, which is well shielded, has plenty of supplies, and even a Humvee. After they fight their way into the apartment, Rei and the rest of the girls go take a bath.

In the bathtub with Shizuka, she notes how big her breasts are compared to Rei. Jealous that the teacher acknowledges so, she fondles the teachers' breasts and plays with them. After the shower, Rei encounters Takashi piggybacking a bath towel wrapped Shizuka, and overhears Takashi accidently touching Shizuka's ass, and mumbling how lucky he would be if he touched them intentionally. In a close to drunken stupor, she says "wow there are 3 Takashis!!!!" and is so delighted and aloof she falls to the ground and recalls the past few day's events. After Takashi carries Shizuka to a place for her to sleep and meets up with Saeko, Rei constantly calls out for Takashi, making Saeko say that girls like to pretend to be helpless at times like these. On the staircase that Rei was sitting on, she complains about Takashi not being as good as Hisashi and eventually Takashi snaps and gets mad. Feeling really bad, Rei leans on him intimately and they share what seems to be an off-canon make out. Later the scene stops when Takashi tells Rei to stop her seductive position because he has an erection.

After hearing that Takashi is going out to save a little girl, Rei tries to stop him, but its undermined and hushed by Saeko and assists in Takashi jumping over zombies in his motorcycle from the gate. Afterwards while Takashi is saving the girl, she along with the rest of the girls pack eveyrthing into the Humvee and prepare to extract Takashi as he is surrounded. After saving him, they all fall asleep and wake up next morning. Seeing a sleeping Takashi, Rei finds it kind of cute, until she spots Saeko drooling on Takashi crotch area which makes her intensely jealous and wakes up Takashi with force. Then, she notions to Saeko that she is drooling and in what so happens to be an "happy" place. After they reach the other side of the river by driving through it in their Humvee, Rei and the rest of the girls get dressed. They decided they will head to Takagi's house first as it is the nearest.

On the way, they encounter several zombies and is forced to stop just before they accidently drive into a wire fence. The sudden motion of stopping by Shizuka's driving causes Rei to fall from the top of the Humvee to the ground. Later Takashi comes to her aid and saves her along with Saeko and Hirano. After Takashi's shotgun is deemed useless, he hugs Rei and says at least they'll die together. Only realizing Rei still had her gun, he puts the gun on her breasts because of the strap that is stuck around her and commences firing. This leads to a scene where Rei's breasts vibrate like jello. After Saeko and Takashi decides to lead the zombies away from the group, Takagi's mom arrives to the rescue and pulls the members of the group over the wire fence except for Saeko and Takashi who were to far out. Saeko and Takashi take another route to Takagi's house.

At Saya Takagi's house, Rei is shown to be fully nude except for a white cloth covering her ass while Shizuka applies ointment on her back and Takashi holds her down. After the application of the ointment, Rei lashes out at Takashi, saying that he is a traitor, and more or less hinted that she would've preferred if Takashi applied the ointment instead. Also, she tells him that him shooting the gun in episode 8 on her boobs hurt them a lot, and told Takashi to get out of the room as she will apply the ointment herself. After a while, Saya holds a small conference in her room while she remains resting. Once the conference ended, the next time that Rei appears is when Shizuka is shown to be helping Rei walk to the argument between Takashi and Hirano against the Takagi house people.

After the helping out the argument with Kohta, Rei is next seen walking towards Takashi's room. There, she leans on him as she talks. Telling Takashi the rules to how girls like boy and how that he is none of them, but has fallen in love with him due to his recklessness. Later, Rei is seen sitting on Takashi's lap saying that "If he liked any other girl, she couldn't go on living". This only incites Takashi lying her on the bed, telling her that he doesn't know whether to be angry or happy. The scene shows Takashi leaning in from an off-canon kiss, but the moment is shattered when Rei cries out an "ouch", indicating her back injury hasn't fully healed yet. Leaving the room to go consult Shizuka, Rei meets a waiting Saeko at the front of the door. Saeko tells Rei that she didn't hear anything they said inside, but waited outside patiently. Rei tells Saeko that Takashi would probably be more happier talking to Saeko than her. Before Rei could leave, Saeko tells Rei to stop calling her senpai, "if it were true". This makes Rei mad and she tells Saeko that she doesn't want to remember any of that now.

Next, Rei is seen meeting up with Takashi downstairs in a hallway. The rest of the group arrives to join them. Suddenly Saeko arrives dressed in a revealing fashion, making Rei jealous when Takashi comments on how great Saeko looks. Furthermore, Saeko says she wishes to accompany Takashi in his search for his parents. Causing Rei to say to herself that "Is Saeko really that desperate for attention?!". Out of nowhere, Rei starts bolting away from the scene, brandishing her bayonet on her M1A1 rifle. It is later shown that she rushes to give Mr.Shido a "welcoming" after he arrives at the mansion. Rei confronts Shido, blaming him for holding back her for a year and revealing the truth why she was held back. Rei, cutting Shido on the cheek, is interrupted by Souichiro. Souichiro tells Rei that he knows of Shido's evils and that she can kill him if she wants to. After a tense moment, she turns away, declaring that he's not worth killing. After Rei turns away, Souichiro kicks Shido out of the mansion with his students, forcing him to drive away in the bus they came in.

After Shido leaves, Rei is seen with the group looking at an overjoyed Shizuka, who seems to have remembered her friend Rika's cell phone number. While Shizuka is making a call to her friend, Rei notices a blinding white light. Later, Rei receives an explanation from Saya about what the EMP does. After Saya finishes her explanation, Souichiro joins the group and talks to Saya. During their conversation, one of the concrete block movers arrives at the estate's gates but is held back and killed by a couple of "them". Along with rest of the group, Rei is utterly in shock to see the blockade has been breached. After Souichiro orders the estate's gates to be closed to prevent more of them slipping in, Rei prepares to fight along with the rest of the group. Shortly after they manage to close the gates, a horde of "them" crowd into the gates and manage to break it down with sheer force.

Once "they" break into the estate, the group goes and tries to eradicate "them". After Saeko charges into a group of "them", but is about to be ambushed from behind by one, Rei comes to Saeko's aid and kills it. Following that act of kindness, Saeko and Rei exchange warm glances with each other. After what seems to be a slowed advance of "them", Rei gathers along with group and some survivors, including Souichiro and Yuriko at the house.

After listening to Souichiro's speech, Rei along with the rest of the group go to the warehouse where the Humvee is stored. Luckily, Maddo, the Takagi family's mechanic, is there to perform checks and make sure it can run. During the time that Maddo is checking up on the car, the group holds off a wave of "them". While the group is fighting, Rei's gun gets grabbed by one of "them", and she is rendered immobilized and seemingly doomed, but Takashi comes to the rescue by shooting it.

When the Humvee is ready, the group hops on quickly and leaves the estate. On their way out they notice that the gap in the concrete barrier is too small, therefore the entire group is forced to tilt the Humvee onto two wheels. Luckily, they are able to pass safely. After traveling for some period of time, the group drives onto the highway, but stops to note just how many of "them" are on it. There, the entire group stops and looks forward toward their new objective with optimistic smiles. Rei is last seen sitting in the car along with Saya, Shiuzka, and Alice while Saeko, Takashi, and Kohta are on the roof, preparing to kill "them".

End of Season 1 Anime Summary for Rei Miyamoto

(Manga) *Edit

As Rei and Takashi ride away from the gas station, they witness many men in the streets slaughtering other people. Takashi remarks that it's like a battlefield, and Rei says she has never heard of any battlefield being that brutal. They try to drive past, but a few of the men notice them and one shoots at them with a shotgun, barely missing them but grazing the back of the motorcycle. Rei does not understand why they would shoot at other people, and Takashi tells her they have gone crazy "just like us". She repeats this with tears in her eyes. They ride up to a road sign which points to Tokonosu Bridge. Takashi turns sharply in the opposite direction, and, when Rei tells him the bridge is the other way, he tells her they can't go that way and to look. She looks and sees that the bridge is blocked and full of people trying to get across. They decide to head towards Onbetsu Bridge hoping they will meet the others on the way and realize they have a gun and can force out Shido if it comes to it. When they get to the bridge they are disappointed because it is also blocked, but then they see Saeko and the others who have just left the bus. Rei is particularly happy to see Shizuka, immediately running up to hug her. When the group makes their way to Rika's house, Rei helps fight off "them" who are gathered around the house.

Later, in the bathroom at Rika's house, Rei is sharing the bathtub with Shizuka. She remarks at how huge Shizuka's boobs are, and Shizuka responds arrogantly that she gets that a lot. This annoys Rei who then grabs Shizuka's breasts from behind and squeezes them firmly. She is still seen grabbing Shizuka's boobs and saying, "They're enormous!" after Takashi and Kohta find the guns. After Rei leaves the bathroom she comes in to the bedroom to find Takashi holding Shizuka up by her butt and saying he would be enjoying it if it was for "that" reason. Rei acts jealous for a moment, but her demeanor quickly changes as she says she sees three of Takashi and falls to the floor. Takashi asks if she has been drinking, but she just says she is really tired and a lot has changed in just a day, though she is obviously a little drunk. She brings up Hisashi's death and starts crying. Takashi looks a little angry as he walks off to carry Shizuka down the stairs. Rei then begins calling Takashi from the stairs until he comes up to talk to her. She starts talking about how Hisashi was a nice guy and gets angry when Takashi doesn't really want to listen to her. She says he is boring and begins to criticize him, but Takashi yells at her, telling her that he is not Hisashi, Hisashi is dead, he killed him because he turned into one of "them", and she needs to face reality. Rei looks upset and starts crying again but then moves closer to Takashi and kisses him. Takashi turns away saying they should stop, and Rei smiles and points out that he has an erection.

They are then interrupted by the sound of a dog barking, and Takashi runs off to investigate. When Takashi says he is going to rescue the little girl, Rei wants to go with him. Takashi tells her to stay back and guard the front gate, and she starts to object, but Saeko tells her to let him go. Just before Takashi leaves she tells him to at least take the handgun and gives it to him. She then helps Saeko open the gates. While Takashi is rescuing Alice, she helps Saya load the supplies and equipment onto the Humvee. The next morning, Rei is seen sleeping on Takashi in the Humvee while they are crossing the river. Shizuka wakes her up and she is happy when she sees Takashi but then annoyed when she notices Saeko sleeping on his lap. She rudely awakens Takashi by pinching his cheek and says that he is popular, and must be enjoy it. Takashi looks down and sees Saeko, who had been drooling, waking up. Rei looks amused as she asks Saeko what she was doing and Saeko gets embarassed. When they reach the other side of the river, she helps Alice get changed then gets changed with the other girls.

She comes back out wearing her school uniform again and holding the Springfield M1A1 rifle. She doesn't really know how to shoot it, so Kohta puts a bayonet on it so she can use it as a spear. Rei and Takashi are later riding on the top of the Humvee, and she is very happy and points out that they haven't seen any of "them" since the previous night. However, they soon start seeing more and more of "them". Rei notices that the closer they get to Higashi Hill's 2-chome, the more of "them" there are.Takashi and her held on tightly as the Humvee is runs into many of "them". When she sees the wires across the road ahead, she yells out to Shizuka to stop, but it is too late. The Humvee slams into the ropes smashing many of "them". The blood and guts from "them" covers the road and causes the Humvee to slide in place and the tires lock up. While Shizuka is trying to get them free, she swerves the front, causing Rei to fall off and land on her back on the pavement. She is unable to get up so Takashi jumps off to save her. They are surrounded by them, and the fight seems hopeless. Takashi hugs Rei for the last time and realizes that she has a gun. He twists it around to use it, and, because of the way it is harnessed onto her chest, Rei has severe pain in her breasts every time the gun is fired.

They are soon saved by Saya's mother. At Saya's parent's house, Rei is forced by Shizuka to have ointment applied to her injury while Takashi holds her down. This is extremely painful for her and she calls Takashi a traitor. When he questions her, she says the ointment is fine but it would be better if it wasn't Shizuka. When he is still confused, she gets angry and says him shooting really hurt her boobs and she will apply her own ointment from on. Later, the group decide to have a meeting in her room and she is upset that they have gather around her bed since she can't move anywhere. There is an argument among the group which leaves Takashi very angry, but Rei is able to calm him down with Alice's help.

She is next seen with the others standing around Kohta when Saya's father is trying to take the guns. When the group is preparing to leave the Takagi house, Rei walks in on Takashi practicing using his gun. He starts to talk about doubting his leadership skills and how everyone in the group is good at something except for him. Rei responds by telling him girls like guys who are cute and caring. He says he is neither of those anymore. She tells him he has always been, she would do anything to be with him, and if he ever fell in love with another girl, she wouldn't be able to go on. He doesn't understand, so she just says girls are complex. Her injuries start hurting again so she leaves and finds Saeko standing outside the door. Rei is a little angry to see and, as she walks off, Saeko asks that if "that" is true, then Rei should stop calling her senpai. Rei angrily responds that she'd rather not bring that topic up. When the group is ready to go, they gather outside the Takagi house.

While they are looking at the ATV, Rei sees Shido's bus driving in through the gate. She grabs her gun and runs to him, and, as soon as he is off the bus, she has her bayonet pressed against his face. Shido's father was a corrupt politician who was being investigated by Rei's father. To protect him and his father from getting arrested, Shido caused Rei to be held back in school one year to scare her father away from the investigation. Rei holds him accountable for holding her back and is angry that he made her father suffer. As the bayonet begins to cut into his cheek, Saya's father yells to kill him and that he would do it himself if he had a reason. Shido taunts her for a few moments, but she lowers the gun and decides not to kill him, saying he is not worth it. When Takashi tries to console her, she yells at him, but she then lightens her mood and says it's over now. After the group escapes they encounter a large number of "them" on the road. Rei is not happy the Takashi and Saeko decided to use themselves as bait so the others could get around.

When Saya says that Saeko went with Takashi so they could be prepared, Rei gets a bit annoyed. The group is rejoined later at the shopping mall. Rei seems to be acting a little cold towards Saeko. After she shows Takashi the bikes and says they can use them from now on, she tells him angrily that she knows whats going on and then storms off. Takashi wonders if she is jealous about Saeko. Rei becomes very anxious to leave the mall after Shizuka almost got raped. She questions Takashi as to when they will be leaving, saying she could be the next to get raped and that if Takashi got raped by "some bodybuilder like Hard Gay" he would understand. Saya and Saeko try telling her they need to be prepared, but she gets even angrier saying her house is only twenty minutes away. After Saeko tells her a twenty minute walk could take all night, she calms down. Soon after, she is quick to help in finding supplies.

Later, after Takashi, Kohta, and Asami Nakaoka return from the clinic, Rei, Saya and Saeko are discussing how to cope in their situation. Rei wonders how they will keep the guys from snapping and becoming dangerous, and Saeko says they will have to be good companions to them and not forget she is of the female sex. As the group plans to leave the mall, they decide to got to the East Police Station and Onbetsu Elementary to find Rei's and Takashi's parents. Rei says that if they don't find them there, then they will end their search and worry about surviving. Takashi tells the others they don't have to go along with he and Rei, but they all seem happy to be in the group. They begin their escape just as "they" break into the mall.

As they are fighting their way out, Rei remarks that she hopes she never gets used to fighting like this. The group goes through the emergency exit, then Asami says she needs something and runs back in with Rei following her. They run to a fireworks shop where Asami picks up a bag of firecrackers for Alice. Rei says they should test them, but when Asami asks for a lighter, Rei yells that she's only a high school student. The group stops after escaping the mall because of Kohta being in shock from the incident in which he killed Asami. Takashi looks around and tells Rei they can't go home because they are low on ammo and would have to fight an army of "them". Rei gets upset because she is worried about her mom. After Takashi elaborates, she shows some annoyance that Hirano had to go crazy. Rei and Takashi debate until Saeko breaks them up. Rei then brings up her father. The others think it's a good plan so they set off for the East Police Station.

Rei is next seen as she and the others are fighting their way to the police station. They reach the station and find it abandoned. Rei begins to panic, fearing her father is dead. Takashi tries to calm her, but he is unable to. When Kohta discovers the tire tracks, she seems to calm down a little. They enter the station, and Rei points out some blood on the floor. Takashi suggests they find guns and then look for leads on Rei's dad. Rei looks very happy at this. When they are wondering where the guns are, Rei suggests that they probably have a storeroom. They set out towards the armory, and on the way, Rei says that it's probably locked. They get to the door and Kohta asks when the station was renovated, since an older door would be easier to get through, and Rei says it was when her father transfered there, which was when she was in kindergarten. After they get the door open, an officer who has become one of "them" approaches from behind, and Rei identifies him as Officer Kato. After not finding anything, they leave the armory empty-handed, so Kohta asks where the evidence room is, and Rei says it's on the third floor and she went there when she was in middle school. As they are on the way there, they encounter more of "them", and Rei joins in the fight. They find guns and ammunition in the evidence room, and upon leaving, Saya asks Rei where the communications office is. Rei says it is the top floor, so they run for the stairs. Rei takes the lead as they fight their way up the stairs.


  1. Takashi KomuroRei makes a pinky promise to marry Takashi in the future.  Rei is initially upset that Takashi kills Hisashi after Hisashi becomes a zombie, but when Takashi leaves, Rei quickly rescinds her words and apologizes while pulling him back.Rei tells Takashi that girls like guys that are cute and caring, even though Takashi replies that he was not either of those. That's why she likes him, and she does not want him to be with any other girls. They shared a kiss in the series. Takashi will protect Rei in any harm, Later on, Rei has a big romantic feelings for Takashi
  2. Saeko Busujima - Saeko is one of the survivors along with Rei and the others. Saeko always protect every survivors. Sometimes Rei is quite jealous of her when she make a move to Takashi.
  3. Hisashi Igo -  Rei and Takashi's classmate and Rei boyfriend. On the way out of class, he is bitten by an infected teacher. Aware of his fate, Hisashi requests that Takashi throw him off the rooftop, but before Takashi could do that, he dies.   


  • She's the same age as Saeko but was held back a year by Shido
  • she's 5"3 in height (164 cm)
  • She becomes easily jealous of Saeko
  • Her sizes are B:87 H:57 W:89.
  • Even though Rei weilds a gun in later chapters she has never fired it and prefers to use its bayonet
  • She is classed as a fighter
  • Her Fighting level is 8
  • Despite Rei being the main female protagonist and primary love interest in this story, some fans prefer that Takashi end up with Saeko instead of Rei.
  • Rei likes to reprimand Takashi, but also loves him intensely
  • In episode 10 of the anime, it is hinted that Rei wanted Takashi to apply the ointment on her body instead of Shizuka. This could probably be a hint to what she wanted him to do intimately


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