Misuzu Ichijou
Misuzu anime
Age 16-18
Gender Female
Weapon Unknown
Fate Deceased
Appearances ACT 1: Spring Of The Dead

Misuzu Ichijou is a minor character of the series.


Misuzu is a student at Fujima high and is the best friend of Toshimi Niki. During the school outbreak the two friends are seen running down a corridor. The two promise that they will be best friends forever just before Toshimi runs into and gets grabbed by one of "them". Niki is then being dragged down the staires while holding Misuzu's hand pleading for her friend to help her. But Misuzu shows her true colours and demands that Toshimi let go. Toshimi is stunned by her friends demand, not letting go. Misuzu shouts at her friend one more time before kicking Toshimi down the staires to her death. Unkown to Ichijou that a couple of "them" stood behind her. Misuzu lets out one last gasp before they grab her.

Misuzu is later seen as one of "them" later on.


  • It is interesting that in the manga, Misuzu's hair is black while Toshimi's seems to be brown. However, in the anime their hair colours are reversed.
  • Misuzu appears as one of "them" later on in the chapter and also at the end of the 3rd extra chapter along with her human form.

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