Yuuki Miku is a student at Fujima High school
and one of the students who escaped with Shido.

Personal StatisticsEdit

Name: Yuuki Miku

Age: Unknown (possibly 17-18)

Hair: Orangy

Eyes: Yellow

Status: Active


It is shown in Morita's report that there was a lot of rumors about her before the outbreak but her personality is shown more as a flirt and can has a rude personality, she often uses her "sexual" appeal to get her way.

Plot SypnosisEdit

After the initial outbreak of the G virus, Yuuki went the way of the penis.

However, Yuuki was unable to handle the DICKER MAX, and as such met her end in episode 28 when Kai Shiden was trying to pilot a ship with the most ridiculous design ever, and she fell off the side.

Random Facts/TriviaEdit

  • her name was revealed in Morita's report

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