Matsushima is Asami's sempai and a minor character of the series
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Personal Statistics:Edit

Name: Matsushima

Age: Unknown

Hair: Blue

Eyes: Brown

Status: Deceased-"them"


Nothing much is really known about Matsushima's past except when the outbreak occured she and Asami gathered survivors and made the mall a safe heaven. Matsushima then left Asami in charge and left to check on the police station to get some back-up.


Matsushima was bitten at some point and returned as one of "them" outside the mall which crushed Asami's spirit and made her lose hope.

Trivia/random factsEdit

  • Matsushima's gender was not revealed until you saw her as one of "them"
  • She appears at the end of the first season leaving the mall after the credits
  • Asami had a high amount of resepect for her sempai and was clearly crushed by her death.

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