Volume 1Edit

Act.1: Spring of the DeadEdit

Act.2: Escape from the DeadEdit

Act.3: Democracy Under the DeadEdit

  • A shop clerk
  • Some guys and girls coming with Komuro and Shidou in the bus

Volume 2Edit

Act.4: Running in the DeadEdit

  • A bastard attacking Rei

Act.5: Streets of the DeadEdit

  • Some police/army officers
  • Rika Minami and her assistant
  • Many citizens (transformed or not), some gangs (one of them named "Hide-chan")

Act.6: In the Dead of the NightEdit

  • A female speaker
  • Some police officers and citizens
  • A dog

Act.7: Dead Night and the Dead RuckEdit

Volume 3Edit

Act.8: Alice in Dead LandEdit

Act.9: The Dead Way HomeEdit

Act.10: Father Knows DeadEdit

Act.11: The Dead's House RulesEdit

Act.12: The Sum of all Dead'sEdit

Volume 4Edit

Act.13: Guns 'n DeadsEdit

Act.14: Dead Storm RisingEdit

Act.15: All Dead's AttackEdit

Act.16: The Girl Next DeadEdit

Act.17: The Sword and DeadEdit

Volume 5Edit

Act.18: Legend of the DeadEdit

Act.19: Flags of The DeadEdit

Act.20: Blood and DeadEdit

Act.21: The Good, the Bad, and the DeadEdit

Act.22: Dead RushEdit

Volume 6Edit

Act.23: Dead LoversEdit

Act.24: Dance with the DeadEdit

Act.25: Duty and DeadEdit

Volume 7Edit

Act.26: The Dead Badge of CowardEdit

Act.27: Assault on Dead PrecinctEdit

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