Kouchi Shidou (紫藤 浩一 Shidō Kōichi) is a secondary character and an antagonist of High school of The Dead series.
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He is the teacher of class 3-A at Fujima High.

Personal StatisticsEdit

  • Name: Kōichi Shidō
  • Age: unknown (possibly early 30's)
  • Hair: black
  • Eyes: grey/greenish brown
  • Status: unknown


At first Shido seems to be a caring teacher but is later shown to be very sadistic and would not hesitate to throw a student into "them" in order for him to escape. Shido also wants to become a leader and would manipulate and send his students insane in order to achieve this.


Shido's father was a congressional representive and Shido would often have to watch his father abuse his mother at a young age. His father's abuse became too much for his mother and commited suicide when he was a teenager. This deeply affected Shido who would cut his ties to the family because of it. Instead of following his fathers wing of being in power, Shido became a teacher which he really enjoyed. But Shido could not escape his fathers power and was told to hold Rei back a year in order to punish her father who annoyed him, Shido did what his father asked and kept her back a year. Because of that Rei has held a grudge against her teacher since.

Plot SypnosisEdit

{to be done}

Trivia/random factsEdit

  • Shido's past was revealed in the 11th episode of the anime and the 14th chapter of the manga
  • Shido expresses his hate for his father because of the mistreatment of his mother
  • He has a half-brother in the manga who's mother was his fathers mistress
  • Shido was a kind and honest man but when he found out about his father's deceit and the zombie incident sent him slightly mad with wanting power.

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