Hisashi Igou (井豪 永, Igō Hisashi) is Rei's boyfriend and classmate of Takashi,


Rei's classmate and boyfriend, he, Takashi, and Rei were among the first to try and escape the rampage at the school. On their way out of class he was bitten by an infected teacher and subsequently turned into one of "them" afterwards. Aware of his fate he instructed Takashi to kill him before he turned by throwing him off the rooftop of the school building, but died before Takashi could do so, and rose back up as one of "them". Takashi then gathers himself together and takes down Hisashi permanently. A brief bitterness between Rei and Takashi occurred as a result from his death. He was thought to be one of the main characters of the manga because during the first chapter being the cool calm headed leader type of character. Hisashi was responsible for "naming" the zombies as "them".


In the manga they reached the bridge to escape. When they saw the gym teacher. Rei tried to throw him off the bridge using her pole. But she was almost thrown off, So Hisashi wanting to save her. Got on the zombies back. The zombie turned his head around at a 360° degree angle and bit him.

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