Asami Nakaoka (中岡 あさみ, Nakaoka Asami?) was a primary character since chapter 18 to 25

Asami was a young traffic officer and was in charge of guarding the mall.

Personal StatisticsEdit

Name: Asami Nakaoka

Age: unknown (possibly 19-20)

Hair: light brown

Eyes: blue

Status: deceased


Asami was a kind and gentle police officer who looked up to her commanding officer Matsushima. She however couldn't handle too much and starts to panic. She harbored feelings for Kohta Hirano and had a strong sense of duty. While trying to save a boy from "Them" in a parking lot, she was surrounded and told Hirano to shoot her so she wouldn't become one of "Them."

Plot SypnosisEdit

{to be done}

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